Hi, I’m Ben. I started Beautiful Mess Records after my independently released album, Chance To Love got a bit of radio play and I noticed the playlists could only credit ‘independent’ or something like that, as I didn’t have a ‘proper’ record company.

So I made one.

And then released my follow up album, Summer Lover under Beautiful Mess Records.

Since then I’ve been doing as much live promoting of local gigs—BMR is based in Healesville, Yarra Valley—as gigs myself and, although I’m in pre-production for a new album and getting pretty excited about releasing something new, I’ve been thinking BMR is more about promoting other acts than releasing lots of records. Maybe we should change the name? Beautiful Mess Presents? BMR Presents?

I don’t know. For now this is where we are.

In a Beautiful Mess.

PS. The name was inspired by a song which was inspired by a new PA speaker breaking down on the first night we used it. That song went on to get played on radio around Australia, in Ireland and UK and the music video featured on Country Music Channel in Oz. So, thanks dodgy speaker. We owe it all to your malfunctioning. Beautiful Mess video HERE.


Debut Release

Summer Lover on iTunes.

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Summer Lover on Spotify.